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Pastured Eggs (Prospect Farm)

Tests on pastured eggs show they have 47% of the cholesterol compared to regular store-bought confinement-raised eggs. The yolk is orange in color due to the extra beta-carotene. Our laying hens live out in the pasture. They have a small moveable pen for shade and food storage, and a large open area surrounded by electric netting to deter predators. This combination is rotated around the pasture frequently to give them access to a fresh area. In addition to the complete feed we provide, they can find other natural food sources as they scratch and pick through the grass. The result is eggs that are delicious and nutritious. When you cook and eat these eggs, you'll know they didn't come from any grocery store. The goose eggs are about 2.5 x the weight of a large chicken egg.
1 dozen eggs | 1 carton = $4.50 + $0.00 Assembly
1 Goose egg | 1 egg = $1.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 dozen small eggs (from young hens) | 1 carton = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
T-Bone Steaks (Prospect Farm)

T-Bone Steaks are commonly described as a strip steak with a small, t-shaped bone and a piece of tenderloin. Tasty and delicious, the T-bone is built for grilling. The generous amount of fat keeps it moist while its tenderloin heart stays tender and flavorful.
1 T-bone steak | Approx 1 pound @ $16.00/pound = $16.00 + $0.00 Assembly
New York Strip Steaks (Prospect Farm)

These are tender steaks from the hind quarter of the beef. This is a lean steak, cut 1.25 inch thick, and has very little waste.
1 New York strip steak (boneless) | Approx 0.6 pound @ $16.00/pound = $9.60 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 Bone-in Strip loin steak | Approx 0.75 pounds @ $15.50/pounds = $11.63 + $0.00 Assembly
Rib / Rib Eye Steaks (Prospect Farm)

Rib and Rib Eye Steaks are sliced from a standing rib roast. Rib Eye is a boneless cut. Rib steak includes the bone. The excellent marbling in this cut makes it loaded with flavor and helps it remain tender during cooking. This steak is best grilled.
1 rib eye steak | Approx 0.7 pound @ $18.00/pound = $12.60 + $0.00 Assembly
1 rib steak | Approx 0.7 pound @ $18.00/pound = $12.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Sirloin Steaks (Prospect Farm)

This steak comes from the top hind quarter right near the Tenderloin. Typically larger than other steaks, lean and flavorful, these are best grilled or broiled to medium rare.
1 sirloin steak | Approx 1.25 pound @ $12.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 sirloin steak (LARGE) | Approx 3.2 pounds @ $13.00/pounds = $41.60 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) (Prospect Farm)

This cut is the most tender part of the beef, and highly sought after as the best cut available (but there are very few per animal so they disappear fast). It must not be over-cooked! Note: These will likely be smaller than what you've been served in a steakhouse - our grass-fed animals are not as large as the feedlot animals.
1 Filet | Approx 0.25 pound @ $29.00/pound = $7.25 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Tenderized Round Steak (Prospect Farm)

A round steak is commonly prepared with slow moist-heat methods to tenderize the meat and maintain moisture. It can also be sliced thin, then dried or smoked at low temperature to make jerky. Or slice and use to make fajitas. We often cook them in the crock pot using a roast-type recipe.
1 pkg tenderized round steak | Approx 2.2 pound @ $8.00/pound = $17.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Flank Steak (Prospect Farm)

This steak comes from the belly and is a thin steak. It is a long piece of meat on the outside of the flank that has more fat than a skirt steak. It also will have more flavor, but is more chewy. Best marinated, great on the grill and for fajitas and stir fry.
1 flank steak | Approx 0.8 pound @ $12.00/pound = $9.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Skirt Steak (Prospect Farm)

The skirt steak is a long, flat cut from the plate of the beef (similar to flank steak). It is more flavorful than tender, so it needs to be marinated to encourage tenderness. Great for fajitas!
1 skirt steak | Approx 0.6 pound @ $12.00/pound = $7.20 + $0.00 Assembly
Flat Iron steak (Prospect Farm)

This steak is cut with the grain from the shoulder of the animal. This produces a flavorful cut that is a bit tough because it contains a gristly fascia membrane unless removed. Flat iron steaks usually have a significant amount of marbling.
1 Flat iron steak | Approx 1 pound @ $13.00/pound = $13.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Chuck Roasts (Prospect Farm)

A chuck roast is a thick cut of meat from the shoulder. It's an inexpensive cut, with a rich, delicious flavor that makes it a classic main dish for a big home-cooked meal. For tender, pull-apart meat, it should be slow cooked to allow time for the meat to soften and become juicy. Great in the crock pot with vegetables for outstanding flavor.
1 chuck roast | Approx 3 pound @ $9.00/pound = $27.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Rump Roast (Prospect Farm)

This roast is a great choice for oven roasting to be sliced thinly for sandwiches, or for braising to make a great pot roast.
1 rump roast | Approx 3 pound @ $9.00/pound = $27.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Arm Roasts (Prospect Farm)

This cut from the chuck is fantastic for pot roast! This is just a knife blade away from the shoulder roast, and the main difference between the two is that the arm roast has a round bone in it and is slightly more tender. You can use this for a pot roast, or cut it up for stew meat.
1 arm roast | Approx 2 pound @ $9.00/pound = $18.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Seven Roast (Prospect Farm)

A crosscut beef roast also known as center-cut chuck roast. It gets its name from the bone within the roast that is shaped like a "7". This roast is one of the most popular for pot-roasting.
1 seven roast | Approx 2 pound @ $9.00/pound = $18.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Heel of Round Roast (Prospect Farm)

This flavorful roast needs to be cooked long and slow to make it tender. This roast is also called a Pike's Peak roast.
1 Heel of Round roast | Approx 3 pound @ $8.50/pound = $25.50 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Ground Beef (Prospect Farm)

The meat in each ground beef package will come from one specific animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package, which can contain meat from many animals. Ours is generally 80% lean and comes packed in cylindrical packages or in patties (4 to a pkg). You can get 5 lbs or 10 lbs of ground beef at a reduced price (still wrapped in 1 lb packages).
1 package ground beef | 1 pound = $8.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 package ground beef patties | 1 pound = $9.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 package ground beef for chili | 1 pound = $8.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 pkg of 10 one-pound ground beef | 1 pound package = $72.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 pkg of 5 one-pound ground beef | 1 package = $37.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Stew Meat (Prospect Farm)

These are cubes of beef which are often used for stewing, braising or kabobs. Each package is one pound. Order by the number of packages you would like.
1 package of stew meat | 1 pound = $8.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Short Ribs (Prospect Farm)

These are cut from the lower portion of the animal near the belly. Each package is typically between 1 and 1.5 pounds. Beef short ribs are often slow cooked for hours in BBQ sauce. We have short ribs which are about 1.5" thick in approx 1-1.5 lb packages and we have Korean style (shown in product image) which are about 1/3" thick in approx 1.5 lb packages.
1 package of beef short ribs | Approx 2 pound @ $8.00/pound = $16.00 + $0.00 Assembly
1 package Korean style short ribs | Approx 1.5 pound @ $8.00/pound = $12.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Brisket (Prospect Farm)

Beef brisket is from the breast section. We sell ours as a half brisket, so it isn't so large to handle. It contains layers of fat and lean meat, but no bones. It is usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.
1 half brisket | Approx 3 pound @ $8.00/pound = $24.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Smoked Sausage (Prospect Farm)

These all beef, smoked sausages are great on the grill or prepared in the kitchen. Available in horseshoe shape, or as 5 links to a package, or as 4 links to a package.
1 package | 1 package of 4 links (about .75lb) = $6.75 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 smoked sausage (garlic)-horseshoe | 1 package (about 0.8 lb) = $7.50 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 package | 1 package of 5 links (about 1 lb) = $9.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Hot Links (Prospect Farm)

These spicy all beef links are good when you want a little extra flavor with your meal. There are 4 in each package.
1 package of 4 hot links | 1 pkg (about 0.8 lb) = $10.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Summer Sausage (Prospect Farm)

Thaw, slice and eat this tasty all beef summer sausage. Great for the lunch box or enjoy as a protein rich after school snack.
1 summer sausage | 1 sausage (about .8 pounds) = $7.50 + $0.00 Assembly
All Beef Franks (Prospect Farm)

Our all beef smoked franks (hot dogs) come in a package of 5 franks. Make your lunch with healthy meat, have confidence in the ingredients and where it came from.
1 - package of 5 franks | 1 package (about 0.8 lb) = $10.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Meat Sticks (Prospect Farm)

A great snack or work/school lunch protein source. There's 5 all-beef meat sticks in each package, approx weight is 6 ounces.
1 package meat sticks | 1 package (about 0.4 pound) = $3.35 + $0.00 Assembly
All beef Breakfast Sausage (Prospect Farm)

Breakfast should include a good source of protein. We like to eat it for dinner on Saturday night along with some pastured eggs. Comes in 1 pound package (make your own patties).
1 package breakfast sausage | 1 pound = $9.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Soup Bones (Prospect Farm)

Great for soups - they are meaty and make a hearty, tasty meal. They add a great flavor to your soup recipes.
1 package of soup bones | 1.2 pounds (approx) = $5.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Beef Liver (Prospect Farm)

100% grassfed beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, but it's usually in short supply. It may be an acquired taste, but those who like it love it! It's great fried up with onions on the skillet.
1 package of beef liver | 1 pound = $4.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Beef Tongue (Prospect Farm)

Tongue needs to be braised for many hours, but the result is surprisingly tender and delicious!
1 beef tongue | 2 pounds (approx) = $7.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Beef Heart (Prospect Farm)

Beef heart is nutritious, flavorful, surprisingly lean and inexpensive. Although a little chewy, it makes a very tasty stew.
1 beef heart | 1 package = $6.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Oxtail (Beef Tail ) (Prospect Farm)

Oxtail is a bony, gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew or braised. The taste is much like short ribs - only better!
1 beef tail | 3 pounds (approx) = $5.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Bulk Order - DEPOSIT (Prospect Farm)

Placing a bulk order requires a non-refundable deposit. Contact us for additional information before making a deposit for a whole, half or quarter beef. This allows you to get a large quantity of beef at a reduced price. You get to customize how it is cut and packaged and choose specialty products.
1 deposit on a whole beef = $200.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 deposit on a half beef = $100.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 deposit on a quarter beef = $100.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Pasture raised Chicken (Prospect Farm)

Your family will enjoy these nutritious and tasty broilers which are vacuum sealed for best storage.
1 whole chicken | Approx 4 pound @ $5.00/pound = $20.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 package chicken feet | 1 pkg (about 1.3 pound) = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 package chicken livers | 1 package (about 1 pound) = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 package chicken hearts | 1 package (about 0.5 pounds) = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Marrow bones (Prospect Farm)

Bones from our beef for marrow.
1 package marrow bones | 1 pound (approx) = $4.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Pet bones (Prospect Farm)

A package of beef bones will keep your pet occupied and content.
1 package pet bones | 3 pounds (approx) = $7.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Round Roast (Prospect Farm)

Lean and flavorful roast. Sometimes used for deli style roast beef - cut in thin strips.
1 Round roast | Approx 2 pounds @ $8.50/pounds = $17.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 Shoulder round roast | Approx 2 pounds @ $8.50/pounds = $17.00 + $0.00 Assembly