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Pastured Eggs

Tests on pastured eggs show they have 47% of the cholesterol compared to regular store-bought confinement-raised eggs. The yolk is orange in color due to the extra beta-carotene. Our laying hens live out in the pasture. They have a small moveable pen for shade and food storage, and a large open area surrounded by electric netting to deter predators. This combination is rotated around the pasture frequently to give them access to a fresh area. In addition to the complete feed we provide, they can find other natural food sources as they scratch and pick through the grass. The result is eggs that are delicious and nutritious. When you cook and eat these eggs, you'll know they didn't come from any grocery store. The goose eggs are about 2.5 x the weight of a large chicken egg.

1 dozen eggs | 1 carton = $4.50
1 Goose egg | 1 egg = $1.00
1 dozen small eggs (from young hens) | 1 carton = $3.00 Out of Stock